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Action Elements for Videos


For all Video editors, VFX designers and Video Compositors, they need these video elements. so hereby I am listing some of the free action elements for videos.

Muzzle Flashes

How to Composite Muzzle Flashes

Action Hits Toolkit: 70+ FREE Action Compositing Elements

With over 70 action compositing elements for your videos and motion graphics, the Action Hits Toolkit has everything you need for your next action sequence.
With the Action Hits Toolkit — a pack of more than 70 dirt hits, spark hits, muzzle flashes, fantasy hits, and much more — you can finally craft that elaborate action scene you’ve been dreaming about. Perfect for VFX compositing and for adding excitement to your motion graphic design, this pack has a little bit of everything to help you bring some explosive power to your work.

ActionVFX Library of FreeVFX

ActionVFX creates top of the line VFX assets for professional artists and filmmakers. We combine our love for film-making with the technical expertise to maintain the industry’s highest standards. Our library contains over 2500 elements ranging from Explosions, Water, Fire, Smoke, Debris, Particles, and much more. We are very passionate about what we get to do, and we strive to create the best stock footage for VFX.

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