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All About EXIF Data of Your Image

EXIF means Exchangeable Image File Format, which is a standard that specifies the formats for images and the metadata tags, which are used by any image handling systems, like Digital cameras, Smartphones, Scanners, etc.,

EXIF is a standard for the image file specification.

EXIF data is embedded into the physical file and you need some tools to view this information.

When viewing images on the computers, you might have noticed that some images have some added information related to those images, like the date on which the picture was taken, shutter speed, aperture, camera model, lens type, focal length, white balance, etc.,
For photographers, it is an important source of knowledge to know how this image is captured, i.e., what iso, shutter speed, and what aperture, and many other things to know.

EXIF Data is used to view the location information of the Picture where it has taken 

With Geolocation Meta tagging The EXIF format can have the location information, Many cameras and smart mobile phones have a built-in GPS receiver that stores the location information in the EXIF metatag. And it can have security and privacy problem because a photo taken with GPS enabled camera or smartphone can reveal the exact location and time it was taken.

How to View the EXIF data

To view the EXIF data in photoshop, Open the Image in photoshop and then go to File – and then select File info.


To view the EXIF data in Browsers like chrome and firefox, you need to install the addons or plugins for the browsers, For Chrome there is a plugin called “EXIF Viewer“, Go to this link and install it in chrome, after installing it you are able to right-click on any image and then select “Show EXIF data”, which brings up a pop-up which looks like this:
Chrome Plugin EXIF Viewer.

To view the EXIF data in Firefox browser, you need to install the firefox plugin “Exif Viewer“, by clicking the link and install it, then you can view the EXIF data of any image by right-clicking on any image and selecting “Exif Viewer”.
Firefox plugin EXIF viewer.

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