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All Screen Sizes Info

All Screen Sizes Info

ScreenInfo provides users and developers with useful information about their screen, and configuration qualifiers. It works on all device sizes, in both portrait and landscape orientations, and on larger screens, it will draw on the dimensions of the application window. On smaller screens, such as handsets, the text, and graphic displays can be obtained by swiping left and right.

A particularly useful feature for developers is that it displays the configuration qualifier names that may be used to supply alternate resources such as layouts, drawables, or strings.

1. Screensizes

A complete guide for Apple Displays, Icon Sizes, and more!

2. Screen Sizes is a handy database of screen sizes, viewport sizes, and pixel densities for popular smartphones, tablets, and monitors.

3. Screen Size – DPI and Dev Info

For developers, it shows you some device details from the Android.os.Build class (MODEL, PRODUCT, BOARD, and DEVICE), and all the current configuration qualifier names in the order that they are used.

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