Best Free Unreal Engine Plugins

May 25, 2020
Best Free Unreal Engine Plugins

Plugins can add runtime game-play functionality, modify built-in Engine features (or add new ones), create new file types, and extend the capabilities of the Editor with new menus, tool bar commands, and sub-modes. Many existing UE4 subsystems were designed to be extensible using Plugins.

Hereby we are listing a Best list of Unreal Engine Plugins for your reference.

Unreal Engine Magic Nodes

Create complex Kismet Nodes (“K2Node_” system) within Blueprint Editor without the need to set up your own custom plugins. Write C++ code within Blueprint Editor, create nodes typing code within the node itself! The Nodes automatically generate “pins” for the entry functions you write within the node itself, auto-generating C++ classes, and files available to use project-wide. These scripted nodes can significantly improve workflow when used wisely.

Unreal Engine Magic Nodes

Carousel Menu Builder

Doom inspired layout for your game main menu. Do you need a customizable Carousel with stylish animations? This pack has one ready to drop into your game menu design. Maybe you are looking for a full-featured Fly-out Menu that has animations and style, this pack offers it.

Corousel Menu Builder

Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio is a software platform for real-time, system-level simulations of machines operating in virtual work sites. It combines multi-body dynamics and easy integration with external hardware and software. The Vortex Studio plugin shares simulation data between Vortex Studio and the Unreal Engine to visualize Vortex objects dynamically in Unreal games.

Vortex Studio Plugin

Animated Texture with GIF Importer

This plugin allows you to import animated GIF into your Unreal Engine 4 project as a new Animated Texture asset type. Animated Texture can be used as normal Texture2D, supports UMG, Material, Material Instance and Dynamic Material Instance. Animated Texture has playback API.

Animated Texture Gif Importer

Modular Building Plugin for Unreal Engine

Use this Modular Building Plugin for Unreal Engine for Quick Modular construction of Buildings. By using the grids boxes easily create Floor and walls.

Modular Building Plugin for Unreal Engine

Inventory System

A complex Drag ‘n Drop inventory system with features like crafting, a hotbar, stacking, item dropping, a datatable and more!

Inventory System

Portal Plugin for Unreal Engine

A collection of portal mechanics. This repository might occasionally be updated but there is generally no support for it.

Portal Plugin for Unreal Engine

Procedural street and intersection building tool

A UE4 plugin (for some internal purposes) that can procedural generate intersections and simplify street level design. Some of the features are demonstrated in the videos bellow. If you show interest, we might be able to publish this plugin so that you can purchase it and use in your products.

Street Building Tool

Designer Plugin for Unreal Engine

The designer is an Editor Mode created as a plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

Designer Plugin for Unreal Engine

Mr. Mannequins Tools

Mr Mannequins Tools (v 1.3) – Third major update of the add-on for Blender 2.8+ that gives the ability to export animations and weighted meshes that are directly compatible with the third person mannequin without re-targeting anything in Unreal Engine! Even more bugs and issues have been solved and some new features have been added!

Unreal Engine Mannequins Tools

Navigation Development in Blueprint

The Product Viewer is a project template that makes it easy to use Unreal Engine as a design review tool, allowing you to see models in VR, desktop PCs, and on mobile devices. The template provides ready-made navigation and interactions designed with Enterprise projects in mind.

Navigation Development


VaFogOfWar implements a fast and optimized fog of war solution for top-down games like MOBA, RTS, rogue-like ones, or even shooters. It fast enough even to work on mid-end mobile devices, so it works like a charm on the desktop.

VaFogofWar Unreal Engine Plugin

Particles and Wind Control System

This content is part of the content “Forest Trees Plants and Grass for Games” and includes all particles and a wind control system for particles.

Particles and Wind Control System for Unreal Engine


Library for capturing and displaying windows in real time with UnrealEngine. Captures in specified window units. You can also capture windows hidden behind other windows. Captured windows can be attached to meshes or UMG in 3D space.


gFur v3

gFur is a shell based fur plugin with highly optimized physics and some unique features.


Bluetooth Support

“Bluetooth Support” plugin for UE makes it easier than ever to make use of Android’s rich Bluetooth SDK in your projects. This plugin provides a bridge between your Blueprint/C++ classes and Android’s native SDK calls (Java). I made sure to manage the objects, variables, and callbacks within the plugin so you don’t have to worry about that in your app.

Bluetooth Support for Unreal Engine

3D Pathfinding for Flying AI

DoN’s 3D pathfinding for Flying A.I. enables your bots to navigate narrow aerial corridors, crevices, 3D mazes, etc without having to rely on waypoints, line-tracing heuristics or other less reliable methods. The system works even in highly dynamic/procedural worlds with moving collision geometry. Easy to use behavior tree node and Blueprint APIs provided, no C++ knowledge necessary. A comprehensive demo map has been prepared with examples of complex scenarios, known limitations, usage tips and more.

Pathfinding for Flying AI

Free Hero Creator

Hero Creator

Best Unreal Engine Assets

Architectural Visualization Toolkit

Free Gun Assets for Unreal Engine

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