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Building Grid and Utility Widget for Unreal Engine

Building Grid and Utility Widget for Unreal Engine

This is a tool that uses the new Utility Widget and a C++ Smart Object to collect, save reload, and hopefully speed up modular building processes. I originally built this to replace my modular building tool. I wanted something that could allow me to build modular sets and save them as templates to be able to replicate, iterate and bake to completed objects in an unreal engine. Using the grid as a placement guide you can build and easily replace mesh parts with others and save these layouts for later recreation. It’s a really simple tool but it feels helpful enough to help others. For me, I’m using it for building templates and dungeon modulation. Others might find it helpful for something else. All in all, I hope it helps someone.

Modular Construction Tool

This is a tool I created to help me rapidly create buildings for my game. This uses templates created in a C# Application to create prefab building data to generate buildings. You can also refab furniture placement as well as implement certain prefabs to be blueprint objects for extended functionality.

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