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Hollywood Camera Work – Visual Effects for Directors


If you want to learn the complete Techniques of VFX from the Basics to Advance, this is the Awesome Course to take. This is an Intense training in high-end visual effects production for directors and Directors of Photography. The course is intense training on everything from green screen, virtual set, …

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Best Free Tool for 2D Character Animation for AfterEffects


DUIK is An Amazing Complete Character Animation with Rigging Tool. It is the Best and Easiest tool to create Character animations in after effects. https://rainboxprod.coop/en/ What is Rigging? “Rigging” is the process of creating a skeleton for a Character which is created by images so it can move. Most commonly, …

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How many pixels for video


video is always be measured in how many pixels in width and how many pixels in height.the best pixels need for a video is based on its resolution, that is what format the video is. for example, if you are recording a video in SD quality you are recording the video …

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