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Useful articles related to Virtual Reality.

Best VR Simulations I Tried


Here is the list of 10 Awesome Virtual Reality Simulation Experiences you should Never miss… 1. Richie’s Plank Experience. Visit Richie’s Plank Experience 2. RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor’s Hammer. Visit RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor’s Hammer 3. Robinson: The Journey. Visit Robinson: The Journey 4. theBlue.  Visit theBlue 5. High Mountain Roller Coaster VR. Visit High …

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All About 360-degree Video


What is 360 Video? -360 Video is new and exciting video Technology that puts the viewer into the center of the immersive video, in which that video is complete wraps around the viewer, giving the viewer an experience that the viewer is actually at that event or at that location. …

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