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September 26, 2019

It is very difficult for a hacker to hack a website in one Minute, Because using Google Authenticator, it generates a six-digit security password which changes its password every 1 Minute, making it difficult to the hacker to hack a website in one minute.
Google Authenticator is a Two-Factor Authentication Process done for a website backend by admin to avoid hacking of the website.

Google data shows 2-factor authentication blocks 100% of automated bot hacks

When people think about hacking, they often imagine hackers breaking into their servers using sophisticated tools, but it is not the case, hackers hack into websites the same way anyone logs in to his account, so hackers hack by somehow obtaining access to the login credentials of your site.

What is Google Authenticator for WordPress

Once the Google Authenticator is downloaded, it will introduce a new field to the WP login page, which will require people to enter the Google Authenticator code.

This code is generated via the app by implementing the TOTP (Time based One Time Password) algorithm. This security token is six to eight-digit long and is a one time password that gets expire within a few seconds. The user is required to enter this generated code alongside their credentials that are username and password for logging in the Google services or another website.

How to Use Google Authenticator Plugin

Google Authenticator Plugin can be used for your Gmail and also can be Used for Your Website Admin Login.

1. How to Use Google Authenticator with WordPress, Joomla & PHP Website.

In WordPress:- First of all, Install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.


Next in WordPress, Install the WordPress Plugin Google Authenticator and Activate it.


Then whenever you log in to your WordPress admin account, it will ask for 6 digit authentication code, which you have to get through your mobile app.


In Joomla:- Go to Plugins and click on the “Two Factor Authentication – Google Authenticator” Plugin


There select the Administrator(Backend) Button only, and Enable the Plugin and Save and Close.


How to use Google Authenticator in PHP

Google Two Factor Authentication Login with PHP

2. How to Use Google Authenticator in Gmail.

  1. Open the browser, then open the Google account security page.
  2. Click on “2-Step Verification”.
  3. Then click on Get Started Button.
  4. Choose your device type (Android, iPhone) and click “Next” to reveal a QR code.
  5. Open the Authenticator app on your Mobile device.
  6. Scan the QR code that is open in your browser with your Mobile device.
  7. That’s all, you have set up 2 Step Verification to your Gmail id, so from next whenever you log in to your Gmail id, you will be prompted with 6 digit Authentication code, which you have to get through your Google Authenticator mobile app.

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