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How many pixels for video

September 11, 2019

video is always be measured in how many pixels in width and how many pixels in height.
the best pixels need for a video is based on its resolution, that is what format the video is. for example, if you are recording a video in SD quality you are recording the video in 640×480 resolution or if you recording video in 4K resolution then you are recording the video in 4096 x 2160 resolution. what is this 4096 x 2160 resolution, this is nothing but 4096 pixels wide and 2160 pixels height of the video.
please refer to the below chart for the video format and resolutions.


What are the Attributes of a video?

totally there are 6 Attributes of a video, those are

  1. Length of the video: that is the total time of the video to be played.
  2. Frame width: that is the width of the video in resolution, normally this depends on the resolution format in which it is recorded unless it is edited and changed in editing software’s like premiere or after-effects.
  3. Frame Height: that is the same width but it is the height of the video.
  4. Data rate and 5. Bit rate: Bit rate and data rate are somewhat ambiguous, and their exact definitions vary from one field or application to another.
    Bit-rate, as the name implies, describes the rate at which bits are transferred. that is the data transferred at this rate to play the video or record a video.
  5. Frame rate: frame rate is the number of frames moving in a speed per second.
    Movies and films are almost exclusively projected at 24 frames per second. Television does not have an internationally accepted frame rate. normally they use 25 FPS in Europe and in Japan they use 29.97 frames per second.

what is 60 frames per second
anything higher than 30fps is for recording scenes with a lot of motion, such as video games, sports or anything you want to show in slow motion.
so that it can be later converted to 30 fps for slow-motion.

what is the bit depth of a video
Bit depth means how much information is described by the color data of the video.
bit depth describes the depth of the color information stored in each pixel of the data. As the increase in bit depth, there is an increase in the number of colors in a pixel. normally there are 8bit, 10bit, 12 bit, and 16bit.

what is the pixel aspect ratio
Each pixel in video need not be square or rectangle, it may be suare or rectangle of any size depends on pixel aspect ratio.
so pixel aspect ratio is the shape of each pixel in the video, that is the ratio to the width x height of a pixel.

How to check the Resolution of a video

Go to explorer and select the video file for which you want to check the resolution, and right-click on that video file and select properties. In that click on the Details Tab.



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