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Best Memorize Tools For Students

Memorize Tools For Students

Many Schools & colleges require you to memorize mass amounts of information. Memorizing for some ones can be difficult, but it can be even more frustrating when you have multiple subjects. Many students feel like they simply do not have strong memory skills. Fortunately, though, memorizing is not just for an elite group of people born with the right skills—anyone can train and develop their memorizing abilities.

Here we have listed some of the best online tools and services for memorizing, learning, and retaining a lot of information.

1. My Memorizer Tool

My Memorizer Tool is a Google Chrome extension for effective and convenient memorization! The tool allows you to memorize any desired text you see while browsing the internet. All you have to do is 1) highlight the intended text, and then 2) right-click and select the “Memorize!” button. By doing this, the tool will send you quiz alerts at different times during the day to help you reach your goal of memorizing what you want. My Memorize Tool also uses spaced repetition, a new and effective method of learning where information is reinforced with increasing intervals of timing between reinforcement. Influenced by this psychological phenomenon, My Memorize Tool sends out alerts over these same increasing intervals of time, allowing you to memorize as quickly as possible.

2. Memorizer

This free, streamlined memorization tool can help you with lines, poems, speeches and monologues – basically anything that needs to be spoken. Memorizer works with dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

3. Memorize! Chrome Extension

Memorize! Is a lightweight application that helps you to remember extensive amounts of boring information. It helps you to learn/memorize given answers to given questions.

4. Memorize

This Free Tool Help you remember terms and definitions by repeatedly reminding you a random term in your custom set using the chrome notification.

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