Awesome Screenshot – Google Chrome Plugin

November 20, 2019

Share screenshots with your friends or teammates, fast and easily! with Awesome Screenshot Google Chrome Plugin.
Screen Capture full-page screenshot. Screen recorder for the screencast. Annotate and share.
Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info and share with one-click uploads. Now with free desktop capture!


Some of the Features of Awesome Screenshot

  • For very long or infinite scroll pages, you can manually end the capturing now.
  • New solution for super long pages that cannot be captured before.
  • You can choose to skip the editing process for an entire page screenshot to save it more quickly.
  • The overall speed of capturing is faster than before.
  • Better performance on more kinds of web pages, e.g. pages with animations.
  • There’re more color choices available now.
  • You can select a color for either text or background when adding text.
  • Last used color, font family and font size will be remembered.
  • Increased speed of downloading the image in PDF format.
  • Redesigned Options page and more customizable settings.
  • Paste an image from the clipboard with Select a Local Image.
  • Better permission control over the Microphone and Downloads folder.
  • Improved “Capture selected area” when you zoom in/out a page.
  • the scrollbar will not be captured in screenshots.
  • works better for pages that contain fixed elements, such as the navigation bars.
  • support capture the entire page of Gmail.
  • Record tab or desktop screen.
  • Download video as a WebM file.
  • Upload videos to your YouTube or Google Drive account.

View the Complete Info about the Awesome Screenshot Here.

Quickly capture a screenshot with Greenshot

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