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Teach with Augmented Reality

Teach With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are reshaping teaching and learning. It has opened up an entire world of possibilities for teachers and educators. Teachers can create their own Augmented Reality stories to supplement books and topics covered in the class.

1. Metaverse

Metaverse is an excellent platform that allows you to create interactive learning experiences using the power of AR technology. Using Metaverse Studio you will be able to instantly start creating various forms of AR experiences to use with students in your class, and this is for Free.

Create Magic In Your Classroom

Thousands of teachers and students are creating AR in their classrooms. It is so easy to create that grade school kids can do it. Metaverse is the easiest way to create your own Augmented Reality Experiences. Create experiences for free in Metaverse Studio (on your computer), and watch them come to life in the Metaverse app.

2. Assemblr EDU

Assemblr EDU is the one stop platform for students and teachers to enjoy learning in 3D & Augmented Reality (AR).

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, teachers can present interactive lessons in 3D with photos, videos, and texts in a minute. Alternatively, find dozens of free lesson plans, modules and educational contents readily available in the app.

Set up virtual classes according to subjects, so it’s easy for everyone to share works, find things and see what’s going on. With Assemblr, learning goes beyond the walls!

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