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Types of Photography

February 10, 2020

Photography is an Art and Science, and there are many Types in Photography, so Hereby I am listing different Types of Photography for Reference.

1. Long Exposure Photography.

If you want to show the Motion Blur in Pictures, Then you can use this technique to achieve the result.
Long Exposure Photography uses long-duration of shutter speed to capture the stationary elements in sharp while blurring the moving elements.
Here Moving paths of objects are clearly visible like vehicle lights leave trails, water waves appear smooth, etc.,


2. Macro Photography

It is Extreme Close-up Photography used to capture very small details of objects.
It is Photographing small objects to make them look life-sized or Larger in the photo.


3. Levitation Photography

Levitation photography is the art of making gravity-defying visual composites. It is a photo where things are floating in the air.
This is achieved through post-processing in Photoshop, by layer masking in Photoshop.
100 Magical Levitation Photography Examples: https://photodoto.com/levitation-photography/


4. Product Photography

As the name suggests it is the photography of products. Great photos lead to more sales. high-quality images play a crucial role in the eCommerce world.
so taking professional and amazing photos of products is known as product photography.


5. Location Photography

Location photography is very different from studio photography as you are going to a location and requires a lot of planning and knowledge about health and safety, weather, equipment, etc.


6. Light Painting Photography

also called light drawing. It is a photographic technique of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or space.


7. Trick Photography

is photography that uses some methods to make things that do not really seem to be real.
it’s challenging and you’ll be simply amazed at what you can do with some tips!


Know More about Trick Photography


8. Architectural Photography


9. Silhouette Photography


10. 360 Degree Panoramic Photography

11. Hi-Speed PHotography


12. Underwater Photography





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