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Best Free Animated fonts


Animated Fonts are also called as Animated Typeface or Typography Animation or moving text, It is a Pre-Animated font Character which animates. You can use this freely in your video projects. Here we have listed some of the cool typography animated fonts for your use. These Free Animated fonts are used in after effects font animation.

1. Multicolore

Multicolore is an Awesome multi-colored typeface. It’s based on a rounded modular design system. The lively animations perfectly compliment the multitude of colors. For a more minimal look, simply bring it back to a single color, and turn off secondary animations like the splashes and background circle.


2. Madita

Madita is a super customizable animated script typeface. Each character seamlessly flows into the next, creating a continuous flow in design as well as in animation. You have full control over the thickness, width, and angle of the stroke.


3. Lovelo

The Lovelo Animated font completely transforms the design of the original static typeface. With 6 individually customizable strokes along the outlines, you can achieve an infinite amount of styles. Go for a seamless loop, or animate your text in and out.


4. Ink

Ink is a rounded sans serif typeface with liquid style cell animation.


5. Gilbert


An Another Awesome Animated Font

6. Explodots

Explodots is an animated typeface with a straight forward design and explosive motion. Each character has a unique in- and out-animation that is driven by a tiny dot.


7. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a display typeface with geometric animations that feel almost liquid.


8. Burstype

Burstype is an energetic animated typeface with top quality cell animations.



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