All About 360-degree Video

September 09, 2019

What is 360 Video?

360 Video is new and exciting video Technology that puts the viewer into the center of the immersive video, in which that video is complete wraps around the viewer, giving the viewer an experience that the viewer is actually at that event or at that location.
and these 360 videos are best viewed on interactive head mount displays, But also can be viewed on Computers, Smart Mobile Phones, and Tablets as well.

360 video is Recorded from all angles using multiple cameras or one camera with multiple lenses. The Viewer can Navigate around based on his central point in space, which is created by the camera.

Uses of 360 Video

  • 360 Videos are used in commercial-like in Architectural Videos like in Hotels & Resorts to create a virtual tour of hotels and resorts to show how it looks before booking the rooms, Wedding Videos, and nowadays every street is capturing 360 by google. and also to create 360 interactive presentations for websites.

difference between stereoscopic 360 video and monoscopic 360 video

-Main Difference is in Monoscopic – images or videos are captured using a single-lens camera. When viewed from a VR Headset, a monoscopic 360 photo or video is looks immersive but looks a little Flat. Everything seems to have the exact same distance from you. whereas on the other hand, In Stereoscopic – Images and videos are captured using a camera with twin lens systems. It Produces two images, one for each eye. It recognizes that your left eye has a
different perspective from your right eye, This creates the illusion of depth and distance, which gives you a better view of the Virtual Environment, Here You feel more immersed.
As the VR Headsets are designed for stereoscopic 360 videos.

Difference between 360 images and 360 video
Both 360 Image and 360 Video are same viewable in Mobile Headset and VR Headsets or as a 360 Video on a PC. 360 Image is a
still, Image Stitched and there are no movements but can be viewable 360 by moving around heads wearing mobile or VR Headsets.
Whereas in 360 videos, it is a moving clip, and it is also can be viewable 360 by moving around heads wearing mobile or VR Headsets.

360-Degree Video: An Immersive Visualization of the Galactic Center

Using data captured by the Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, NASA has created a stunning 360-degree visualization of the heart of the Milky Way, which you can explore by clicking the screen to drag left or right.

Surrounded by White Lions – 4K 360° VR

360°, Angel Falls, Venezuela. Aerial 8K video

360° Video, Manhattan, New York, USA, 4K aerial video

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover on Vera Rubin Ridge

Nasa’s Curiosity rover has been roaming the Martian terrain since 2012. Now, the little robot has produced a stunning 360 degree
panorama of Mars. visit this and use your mouse to control the camera and peek around the Red Planet.


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