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Everything You Should Know about e-mail Signature

Like the Signature at the end of the letter, like the same way email-signature is a block of text and image at the end of the email message which contains Senders name, Phone number, address, website address, and sometimes a beautiful message which draws the attention of the receiver.


Do’s and Dont’s and How to write a Good Email Signature

  • Emphasize your Name, Then Company name or Brand Name or logo, and Then Secondary Contact Information.
  • Include a Call-to-action.
  • Include a call-to-action like the latest news, or Up-coming event notification, etc.,
  • Include an image.
  • Include your picture or logo of your organization.
  • Don’t put your email address in your email signature.
  • Add links to Your social media profiles, or Your company Blog, and your other social media profile links that show off your professional brand.
  • Don’t overstuff your email signature, it should not more than 3 or 4 lines.
  • It should be responsive, i.e., when the user opens your email in his mobile, then it should be clearly visible.
  • There should be a Disclaimer saying that if anyone got the email by mistake, and it is not a spam.

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